Potions in recipes

Potions are annoying to clarify especially when working with brewing recipes. Therefore Nbt Crafting introduces a special shorthand for it.

You can now use potion instead of the item key in all ingredients, remainders and results. An example brewing recipe using this feature could look like this:

    "type": "nbtcrafting:brewing",
    "base": {
        "potion": "minecraft:regeneration"
    "ingredient": {
        "item": "minecraft:stick"   
    "result": {
        "potion": "minecraft:swiftness"

Global datapacks

If you're creating a mod pack you're probably want to use your datapacks in all your worlds. The Cotton mod provides you with a global datapack directory in your minecraft folder where you can chuck them in.


Due to enabling some nbt rendering in recipe books, they will now also display the amount of items a recipe produces.