Cauldron Recipes


Nbt Crafting also introduces cauldron recipes. Cauldron brewing means right-clicking a cauldron with an item stack which then optionally consumes a bit of water and grants the player a resulting stack. You can also define a remainder.


Cauldron recipes use the nbtcrafting:cauldron recipe type.

They use an ingredient as input and a result for the item processing. The water consuming is handled through the levels property which is a number specifying how many levels to consume.


Beginning from snapshot 20w45a vanilla Minecraft now supports different fluids in cauldrons (namely water and lava).

This extends the matching algorithm of these recipes by the fluid property. This property contains a string with the id of the fluid (minecraft:water, minecraft:lava, minecraft:air). If fluid levels are set then water will be assumed as default. If no levels are specified the default will be matching anything in the cauldron.

Since lava can only contain one bucket but no split parts from that, the whole lava will be taken when the levels are greater than zero.


    "type": "nbtcrafting:cauldron",
    "input": {
        "item": "minecraft:sand"
    "result": {
        "item": "minecraft:clay"
    "levels": 1