Ingredient Remainders

Recipe remainders are those things which are left in the crafting grid when crafting.

A good example is the vanilla minecraft:milk_bucket in the cake recipe: The bucket stays in the grid.

Just add a remainder property to your ingredient's item or tag objects.

It works just like recipe results which surely means that you can apply a nbt tag. Additinally dollars are supported.

Disclaimer: You should only use remainders on single stack items. Otherwise there might be some strange behavior 🙂


    "type": "crafting_shapeless",
    "ingredients": [
            "item": "minecraft:lava_bucket",
            "remainder": { "item": "minecraft:milk_bucket" }
            "item": "minecraft:water_bucket",
            "remainder": { "item": "minecraft:iron_ingot" }
    "result": {
        "item": "minecraft:obsidian"