Hints for modders

Hello fellow modder, here's a quick overview of what you probably wanna know about working with Nbt Crafting:

Setting up Nbt Crafting

To use Nbt Crafting you'll need to include it in your development environment. I publish the mod artifacts on my maven. To use it you need to add it to the repositories in your build.gradle file. The result should like this:

repositories {
    // Here go other maven servers
    maven {
        name "Siphalor's Maven"
        url "https://maven.siphalor.de"
    // For some testing dependencies of Nbt Crafting
    maven {
        name "Jitpack"
        url "https://jitpack.io"


The here mentioned repositories section is different from the equally-named section in the publishing region. If you have a new project then you will most likely have to create the repositories section yourself. It's usually put above the dependencies section.

Then you'll need to tell Gradle which dependencies you need. I personally recommend adding Nbt Crafting as a modImplementation dependency:

dependencies {
    // Here are other dependencies like the minecraft and yarn version

    modImplementation "de.siphalor:nbtcrafting-1.15:2+"

Change it to nbtcrafting-1.16:2+ instead if you want to develop for 1.16.

You can see the latest maven releases here:

latest 1.15 latest 1.16 latest 1.17 latest 1.18 latest 1.19

Finally tell you're users that they'll need to download Nbt Crafting alongside this mod and add a "nbtcrafting": "*" entry to the depends list in your fabric.mod.json file.

Custom RecipeTypes

If you're adding custom RecipeTypes you should consider following these guidelines to ensure compatibility 🎉.