Brewing Recipes


With this mod you can also add brewing recipes.


The three lower slots which are usually bottles are defined with the base ingredient.

The top slot which provides the modifier or ingredient item is set through the ingredient.

The resulting potion/anything-that-you-want is defined through the result. result is just the output stack.

These three properties support dollars with the base name this referencing the old stack.

If you're annoyed of typing out potion stacks in your brewing recipe you might wanna look at this feature.


    "type": "nbtcrafting:brewing",
    "base": {
        "item": "minecraft:stone"
    "ingredient": {
        "item": "minecraft:stick"   
    "result": {
        "item": "minecraft:player_head",
        "data": {
            "display": {
                "Name": "nametaginput"
            "SkullOwner": "Siphalor"

Brew sticks into cobblestone to get some cool playerheads :P